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Strategic Fund Administration and Consulting Services

Steering Funds To Success

Barrier Crest is a unique service provider for Venture Capital and Private Equity fund managers looking for Fund Administration or Fractional CFO & Consulting services. We invest our time and resources to create a tailor made solution that fits your firm’s specific needs and makes your job easier. It is our mission to become an invaluable asset to your team by cultivating a strategic partnership that eclipses all of your expectations. With our many years of experience and rewarding client relationships, we are confident that we can provide your team with the support you need to successfully manage all of your funds for years to come!

We specialize in partnering with the following fund managers:

  • Venture Capital & Private Equity Funds < $500M AUM
  • Sweet Spot: Small to Mid-Size Fund Managers $25M - $250M AUM
  • Fund, General Partner & Management Company Entities (includes SPV, Co-Invest Vehicles, Blockers, and Feeders)


Barrier Crest delivers fund administration services and CFO consulting to our VC and Private Equity clients through a powerful software platform.

Fund Administration

As your outsourced back office, we support fund managers and their investors by providing unparalleled administration and reporting power.

Financial Statement Preparation

  • Maintain General Ledger for all Fund, GP & Management Company Entities
  • Waterfall Model, Investor Allocations, Fee Calculations
  • Quarterly US GAAP, Tax Basis, or ILPA Reporting

Investor Relations

  • CRM, Fund Mailings, and Ad-Hoc Requests
  • Process Capital Calls and Distributions
  • Dynamic LP Portal

Fund Operations Management

  • Strategic Planning
  • Treasury Functions
  • Review and Evaluation of Fund Legal Docs
  • Annual Audit and Tax Support

Fractional CFO Services

Combining our fund administration offering with a fractional CFO means you get back-office expertise in all areas of your business when you need it most.

Reporting Infrastructure

  • New implementation setup or conversion support
  • Create reporting tools and verify compliance with industry standards including GAAP, ILPA, or Tax basis
  • Review and implementation of internal processes & best practices

General Partner Back Office Support

  • RIA/ERA Regulatory Compliance & SEC reporting and audit support
  • Selection and management of 3rd party CCO firms or Fund Administrators.
  • Fund formations, legal document review, scaling up & winding down
  • Forecasting, Budgeting and Projections

Diligence & Marketing

  • Fund raising and Due Diligence Support
  • Investor & GP Communications
  • PPM & Pitch Deck Review

Ultimate Fund Sandbox

Through the combination of Barrier Crest’s expertise and Dynamo’s best-in-class software tools we created the most compelling fund administration solution so that YOU, the fund manager, can realize the greatest success!

Why Companies Partner with Barrier Crest

Barrier Crest is changing the tide of fund management by investing in becoming your trusted and knowledgeable strategic partner.

Trusted and Consistent

You work directly with our senior level owners and an experienced team that we assembled specifically to fit your administration or back-office needs.

Financial Leadership

Combining our fund administration offering with a fractional CFO means you get extensive expertise in all areas of your business when you need it most.

Value Driven

As your outsourced back office, our remote locations and strategic software partner reduces our overhead costs so we can pass on greater value to our clients.

Data Security

We take your data very seriously so you can trust it’s protected, encrypted, remotely backed up and always accessible when you need it. 

Elite Service

We invest the time to educate and guide our fund managers to improve processes and financial reporting. Every client is given the attention they deserve regardless of their fund sizes.


Dynamo’s configurable software tools and sandbox design creates unparalleled administration and reporting power.

Matt Wilson

  • Seasoned fund administrator, accountant and entrepreneur
  • 14 years Private Equity & VC
  • Expertise in maximizing fund software capabilities and complex waterfall models

MATT Wilson

Founder and President

I'm a seasoned professional in fund administration and fund accounting with 14 years of private equity and venture capital experience. My particular areas of expertise include maximizing fund accounting software capabilities, complex waterfall models, interpreting LPAs, and client service. I have spent most of my career working for a select group of very successful fund administrators in the US of varying sizes and strategies. I have also worked at one of the largest public global investment managers, Fortress Investment Group.

I have been fortunate enough to build a fund administration business from the ground up as a co‐founder of Mainstream Fund Services. I've stabilized and scaled a boutique firm like VMS Group, and was a key contributor at SS&C Inc. I've worked with fund managers both big and small, some with hundreds of millions in AUM and large institutional investors, and others who were raising their first fund with a handful of high-net worth individuals. I've worked with them all.

From my experience, I have learned that there is a delicate yet important balance between utilizing institutional grade technology, implementing industry best practices and procedures, adhering to industry regulations and reporting guidelines, while still being flexible enough to provide fund managers with the support and customization needed to satisfy their team and their investors. However, I have always believed that providing superb customer service is crucial to having a successful fund admin or consulting business. What I am most proud of in my career is the relationships and trust that I have built with every one of my previous clients, many of which still carry on to this day. As a client of Barrier Crest you can be confident in knowing that I will always strive to provide you with the best service possible, to invest my time into building a successful relationship, and to share my technical knowledge and expertise in a way that will create an efficient and cohesive team between both of us.

Fund Managers and Investors

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